Crystal Point Energetics


What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing (or Crystal Therapy) is an ancient healing system concerned with treating clients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and in the surrounding space. It is a non invasive, relaxing and natural process based on the premise that crystals can, by the nature of their own unique vibrations, work with the human energy field (or aura) to help stabilise and bring this energy field back into optimal alignment and so allow the body’s own energies to aid the healing process.

Crystals are carefully chosen for each individual client and placed appropriately, either on or around the clients body, based on information given during consultations and by intuitive sensing of where they need to be positioned to give optimum benefit. They are then left in place whilst the client relaxes in a tranquil setting until the session is complete.

Please note that Crystal Therapy is a complimentary therapy designed to work alongside allopathic medicine, it is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment, nor is it a medical procedure of any kind. If you have any health concerns I strongly recommend that you visit your registered Doctor or Health Care Professional for their assessment. It is your responsibility to inform your GP of your decision to undergo Crystal Healing.

I offer one-to-one Crystal Healing sessions which are individually structured to suit each client.
First treatment (approx 1½ hours) £45
1 hour session £30
1½ hour session £40